The Journey

I have recently been reading Ithaka, an epic poem written by a 19th century Greek poet called Cavafy. The first verse translated reads:-

Pray that your journey be long
That there may be many summer mornings
When with what joy, what delight
You will enter harbours you have not seen before.

the journey

The poem is about the journey that we all make through life. The journey has been used as an analogy for life by other authors too.

I have tried to use the idea of life as a journey in my story about the adventures of a young man entitled “The Sons of Death, Part I”. It is Part I because it is the first of a trilogy of stories that will follow this particular young man on his journey through life.

Why call it “The Sons of Death”? This is a reference to the name given to the Norse raiders from Norway in the 9th and 10th centuries due to their fiercesome reputation. The hero of my story I see as a modern Viking, a penniless young man on a collision course with the world who sets out for pretty much the same motives of adventure and gain. He is an opportunist and a gun for hire, his youth, physical strength and quickness of mind being the only assets that he has.

What happens to him along the way is something you will have to read about as he makes his journey which is both physical and spiritual as he gradually confronts and reflects on the meaning of this life and our journey through it.

I hope you enjoy the journey.


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